1408/1408R Cast Coupling

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1408/1408R Cast Coupling

ROBAR 1408 Straight and Transition Couplings are used to make a non-restrained connection between two pipes of the same nominal size with same or different ODs.

ROBAR 1408R Reducing Couplings are used to make a non-restrained connection between two pipes of different nominal sizes. The 1408R is supplied with enamel paint and mild steel fasteners.


Center Sleeve: Cast Ductile Iron.
End Rings: Cast Ductile Iron.
Gaskets: NBR (Buna N) Rubber.
Other compounds available.
Fasteners: 1408 – 5/8” NC HSLA Steel.
Torque: 70-80 ft. lbs.
Coating: Two coats of Enamel.