2408 Service Saddle

2408 Service Saddle

ROBAR 2408 Service Saddles are used to take a service outlet off a transmission or distribution line. Recommended for use on Ductile Iron pipe and Steel pipe. Not suitable for Plastic pipe. Comes
with shop coat and low alloy steel straps.

Designed for tapping into Steel, Ductile Iron and Cast Iron pipe.
Saddle straps and bodies are shaped to evenly and safely distribute the clamping load to the pipe. When tightened, they conform to the various diameters in each nominal size of pipe within specified working range.


Saddle Body: Cast Ductile Iron body
Gaskets: Nitrile (NBR) Rubber (Other compounds available)
Saddle Straps: 5/8” NC Low Alloy Steel, U-bolt
Fasteners: 5/8” NC HSLA. Zinc plated
Torque: 70-80 ft. lbs.
Coating: 2408 – Two coats of Enamel

Working pressures up to 350 PSI for sizes 4” to 16”