We didn’t start out as Canada’s largest waterworks manufacturer. Our origins in original founder Vern Barr’s garage back in 1958 have kept us humble and hard-working, even as we’ve grown along the way to produce a full range of cast and fabricated fittings for the water and wastewater, oil and gas and forest industries.

We’re proud of the many things that have helped us stand out in the marketplace including:

Project experience & insight

Our experience and years of providing advice to engineering departments across the country have helped cement our reputation as experts in the large project and engineering fields. Take advantage of this insight into pipework and fittings, particularly as you plan a large, complex project.


We’ve developed a number of innovative products and approaches over the years including 1906RSCHH Restrained HDPE Coupling for the Waterworks Industry and specialty choker hooks, many which have been emulated by our peers at different times. We use our large project experience gained day-to-day and our ability to understand customers’ problems to drive ongoing changes and improvements to our product catalogue.


Having our own foundry available to custom-make fittings and other products provides us with a wide scope of capabilities that isn’t always possible for our competitors. This flexibility has become a key strength as we develop and enhance our unique line of large-diameter custom products.


Maintaining the quality and long-lasting nature of our products has been crucial to the longevity of our company and our reputation for reliability. Quality control has become a hallmark that our customers have come to expect from us, regardless of the industry they’re in.