Over more than 60 years of operations, our team of Sales and senior leaders have developed a reputation for being knowledgeable in the industries that we operate in.

Background: I’ve been lucky to have a long-time connection with Robar, getting to know the staff even before I started working here in 1990, while on a summer break from university. I didn’t expect to take over operations but after pursuing my CPA/CGA designation I decided that this industry was definitely the place for me.

Highlights: After graduating years ago, I found I really enjoyed the industry, our customers and other people in it, especially the great folks who make up our Robar team. Now, I can’t imagine working anywhere else. When I’m not at work, I enjoy travelling, exercising, spending time with my family and cheering on my teenagers at their many sporting events.

Background: After more than 15 years here at Robar, I’ve worked in a number of areas in sales and marketing before my current position. My role now has me on the road at trade shows across Western Canada and the US, as well as working with engineers and operations experts at water and wastewater treatment facilities across North America.

Highlights: One of the things I enjoy most is working with a customer to help solve their problem in a timely fashion by taking advantage of the advantages that Robar has in quick turnaround of products like stainless steel components and raw castings.

Background: I’ve got an extensive understanding in waterworks, having specialized in HDPE and spent more than 12 years in the industry, the last five of them having been at Robar.

Highlights: The favourite aspects of my role are being a solution provider and leading a team in our industry that is focused on being the go-to contact for everything we offer. For fun, I play hockey a couple of times a week and coach both of my kids in minor hockey. I also collect and restore cars with my son.

Background: I’ve been with Robar for eight years now, but have worked in manufacturing environments for more than 20 years. As a Professional Mechanical Engineer, I’m also an active member of the Steel Water Pipe Manufacturer’s Technical Advisory Committee (“SWPMTAC”) – a subcommittee of AWWA – and have participated in writing many AWWA standards.

Highlights: My passion is problem solving and he always welcome customer inquiries, particularly on the technical side of things.

Background: While I’ve built up more than 16 years of experience with Robar, it’s my background in mechanical engineering technology that has helped me specialize in more technical product applications.

Highlights: I’m very service oriented and think of myself as a solution provider, particularly in terms of technical products. Outside of work, I love fishing and hockey but can also be a couch potato extraordinaire when the mood strikes me!

Background: While I’ve been with Robar for almost six years, I’ve been in the waterworks industry for 13 years now. More than half of that time I was on the distribution side where I focused on new infrastructure projects, residential development, commercial development, and municipalities. Since being with Robar, I’ve expanded my knowledge of the field to include large diameter projects, treatment plants, the mining industry and oil and gas.

Highlights: I enjoy being a part of a team that is known for providing quick, reliable solutions to any connection, transmission or repair that our customers might need in our industry. In my spare time, I enjoy being a part-time professional poker player and a bit of a social butterfly.

Background: I’ve got more than 18 years’ experience in sales and customer service and a background in the energy industry that’s been helpful as I’ve transitioned into water and wastewater.

Highlights: I take a lot of satisfaction in knowing our customer is happy with the product we provide for them and the service we give along the way. When I’m not at work, I enjoy playing hockey and golf and coaching baseball and hockey.

Background: I worked in a variety of related roles before arriving at WD Industrial, Robar’s agent in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northwestern Ontario. Prior to this, I worked in the municipal design sector for a consulting engineering firm for seven years where I developed a great background in knowing what products are required for a project and how they’re selected.

Highlights: The favorite aspect of my job is finding a solution that my customer didn’t even know existed for their particular problem or situation. That’s really gratifying. In my spare time, I enjoy the outdoors which includes doing almost every sport you can think of.

Background: Before I spent the last six years with Nerohtek Sales, I worked at Wolseley for 10 years in mechanical, but I also dealt with water and wastewater. I’m still learning certain aspects of jobs and projects but my understanding of the industry gets better every day I’m at Robar.

Highlights: I enjoy offering an innovative solution to customers that makes them want to come back to me the next time they need something. I enjoy keeping active, playing softball in the summer and hockey in the winter.