Dismantling Joint – Cast Iron

Dismantling Joint – Cast Iron

ROBAR Dismantling Joint allows for adjustability once the ange and other ange tting is in place. Dismantling Joints provide longitudinal adjustment which allows for future modications and adjustments. The dismantling joint provides an easier way of repairing or doing maintenance on the anged pipe system.



Flange Spool: AWWA C207 Class D Flange 150 lb Bolt Pattern (other anges available)
End Ring & Body: 4” – 12” Cast Ductile Iron, 14” and larger Carbon Steel ASTM A36
(4” – 12” available in Carbon Steel as well)
Gaskets: Nitrile (NBR) Rubber (other compounds available)
Fasteners: 7404DJ / 7504DJ – High Strength Low Alloy Fasteners or NC Cast Ductile Iron
7406DJ / 7506DJ  – T-304 Stainless Steel
(other types of stainless steel available)
Tie Rods: ASTM A193 Gr B7 per M11 (stainless steel is available)
Coating: 7404DJ / 7406DJ  – Two coats of enamel
7504DJ / 7506DJ – Fusion Bonded Epoxy
(other types of epoxy available)


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