6636 Abandon Service Sleeve

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6636 Abandon Service Sleeve

ROBAR 6636AS Abandon Service Sleeves are used to seal off abandoned or decommissioned 3/4” through 2” main stops. Allows for no disruption in water service. No re-chlorination of lines due to atmospheric exposure. Simply install over existing main stop. Available in bolt bracket style or lifter bar style.



Shell: T304 Stainless Steel, fully passivated.
Fasteners: 5/8” NC T304 Stainless Steel. Nuts coated with anti-galling compound. Torque is 70-80 ft. lbs.
Gaskets: Ringseal & Liner: NBR (Buna N) Rubber. Full wrap around.

Outlet Pipe: T304 Stainless Steel, fully passivated.
Outlet Size: 3” outlet size is used to cap 3/4” & 1” main stops. With a 3” outlet you have the option of having the fitting length 8” or 12”. 4” outlet size is used to cap 1-1/4” – 2” main stops.
With a 4” outlet the standard fitting length is 12”.




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