The North Siphon project was tendered to accommodate the growing north side industrial area, specifically Cavendish Farms new $500 million dollar facility. On this project were two custom reducing restrained couplings connecting 30″HDPE x 24″ metric HDPE. The couplings were shipped to site fully assembled and only needed to be slid over the pipes and tightened together.

MPE Engineering selected Robar 1946RSCHH Couplings due to the existing HDPE Sanitary main and the unknown DR rating of this roughly 40 year old pipeline. The couplings provided a restrained solution for the connection of the new main to the existing intake for the City of Lethbridge Sewage treatment plant. The couplings were also able to be installed during live flow conditions preventing interruption of service to the nearly 2300 homes and businesses in the local area.