1519/1519R Cast Cathodic Fitted Coupling

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1519/1519R Cast Cathodic Fitted Coupling

ROBAR 1519 non-restrained Couplings are specially designed (cathodically fitted) to allow for electrical continuity throughout the entire fitting. Sacrificial anodes (not supplied) are recommended to protect the coupling assembly as long as “continuity” is maintained between the coupling components. To ensure “isolation” between metal pipes, the use of ROBAR 1180 Rubber Isolation Boot is recommended. (See “ROBAR 1180 Rubber Isolation Boot”). Isolation Boots are available in Straight, Transition or Reducing styles.

ROBAR 1519R Reducing Couplings are used to make a non-restrained connection between two pipes of different nominal sizes.



Center Sleeve: Cast Ductile Iron
End Rings: Cast Ductile Iron
Gaskets: Nitrile (NBR) Rubber (Other compounds available)
Fasteners: 5/8” NC HSLA Steel, Epoxy coated bolts.
1/4” Zinc plated cap screws
Torque: 70-80 ft. lbs.
Coating: Corrosion Protective Epoxy coating

Working pressures: 2″ through 12″ -300 PSI

14″ through 24″ – 150 PSI



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