2786 Isolating Service Saddle

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2786 Isolating Service Saddle

ROBAR 2786 Isolating Saddles are used to electrically isolate an outlet or service line from a main distribution line. Primarily used in cathodically protected systems or to separate dissimilar metals. Waterworks Bronze and passivated T304 Stainless Steel are “noble” materials which are closely related to each other near the top of the Galvanic Scale of corrosion resistance. Unlike pairs of widely dissimilar metals, they will both exhibit long life in most ‘hot’ soil environments.



Saddle Body: Cast Bronze
Gaskets: Nitrile (NBR) Rubber.

Body and Strap: NBR (Nitrile) Ric-2 “Robar” Blue Rubber
Strap & Armor: T304 Stainless Steel, fully passivated*
Fasteners: 1/2” NC T304 Stainless Steel – Rolled threads
Nuts coated with anti-galling compound
Torque: 45 ft. lbs.

Working pressures : 150PSI




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