2506 Service Saddle

2506 Service Saddle

ROBAR 2506 Service Saddles are used to take a service outlet off a transmission or distribution line. The 2506 is suitable for use on C900 pipe due to their wide strap configuration. The 2506 comes with fusion bonded epoxy coating and stainless steel straps.



Saddle Body: Cast Ductile Iron body
Gaskets: Nitrile (NBR) Rubber
Other compounds available
Saddle Straps: 1/2” NC T304 Stainless Steel*
Fasteners: 1/2” T304 Stainless Steel*
Nuts coated with anti-galling compound
Torque: 45 ft-lbs.
Coating: Fusion Bonded Epoxy

Working pressures up to 350 PSI for sizes 2” to 16”


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