Carbon Steel Tapping Sleeve

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Carbon Steel Tapping Sleeve

ROBAR 6808 / 6806 / 6906 Tapping Sleeves are used to make a branch outlet off a main supply line on Steel, Ductile Iron, Cast Iron, Asbestos Cement, C900 and HDPE with an SDR number 17 and less (13.5, 11 & 9). Not for use on Concrete Pressure Pipe.



Body: Shell: Carbon Steel
Outlet Pipe: Schedule 40 Carbon Steel or equivalent.
Flange: Carbon Steel as per AWWA C207 class D. Mechanical Joint flange available.
Fasteners: 6808/6908 – 3/4” NC HSLA.
6806/6906 – 3/4” NC T-304 Stainless Steel. Nuts coated with anti-galling compound. Torque is 80ft. lbs.
Gaskets: Nitrile (NBR) rubber.
Test Plug: 3/4” NPT Carbon Steel.
Coatings: 6808/6806 – Enamel coated.
6908/6906 – Corrosion Protective Epoxy coating.


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