1916 Cathodically Fitted Coupling

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1916 Cathodically Fitted Coupling

The Robar 1916 is designed to allow electrical continuity throughout the entire coupling.To ensure “isolation” between metal pipes we supply a 7″ wide rubber isolation boot that the coupling assemblies over top of. The coupling can be fabricated to transition between two different pipe diameters.


Center Sleeve: Carbon Steel
End Rings: Carbon Steel
Gaskets: Nitrile (Buna N) and SBR (Buna S) Rubber (Other compounds available)

Fasteners:  5/8” NC T304 Stainless Steel  – Nuts coated with anti-galling compound

Torque: 70-80 ft-lbs.
Coating: Corrosion Protective Epoxy coating

Contact Robar for pressure ratings.


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