6996 Concrete Cylinder Tapping Sleeve

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6996 Concrete Cylinder Tapping Sleeve

Robar 6886/6996 Concrete Cylinder Pipe Tapping Sleeve are used to make a branch outlet off a main supply line on Concrete Cylinder Pipe.


Carbon Steel per ASTM A36

Drilled and faced per ASTM or ANSI 150 lb standards.

6898/6998 ‐ 3/4″ NC HSLA Bolts & Nuts
6896/6996 ‐ 3/4″ NC T‐304 Stainless Steel. Nuts coated with
anti‐galling compound.

6898/6998 ‐ Two coats of enamel.
6998/6996 ‐ Fusion bonded epoxy coated per AWWA C‐213

Nitrile (NBR) rubber compound. Meets ASTM D2000
Other materials available on request.


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